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 Targeting seabass シーバス  
Tackle Japan fishing gear shop | Seabass Targeting Seabass 

every one wants to catch seabass , its one of the best fishs you can catch in spinning / casting , what is so good about the seabass ? for start , its taste , second , it is a smart fish . the seabass lives in beachs that are both sand and rocks , you should try to find you seabass on a wavy day and in most cought he was in the return streams , you can find this streams by understanding the way of the waves , in the returning stream you will not see a wave even in a wavy day , or you will see white foam moves into the deep. for catching seabass , like we said , the fish is smart , its will be better if you will use a floro leader , you can use every floro leader , and use silicon (we find them as good bait for seabass) or small lures or long thin lures. the seabass in most of the cases would rather a white color , here is few good lures for seabass : ecogear silicon , megabass x120 , duo tide minnow 125 , duo manic . you should also try to use a thin braid line like the sunline castaway 10lb , strong line and very thin.

enjoy your fishing



  Best Items for Targeting Seabass シーバス  


Fishing Rods 

Tenyru masterplan MP86L                                      Tenyru masterplan MP86L

Tenryu masterplan MP90L                                      Tenryu masterplan MP90L

Tenryu SWAT finesse SWF83UL                           Tenryu SWAT finesse SWF83UL

Tenryu pleiadis PL89L                                           Tenryu pleiadis PL89L

Daiko Regalo fuerzas FZ-R88 the Stradlin            Daiko Regalo fuerzas FZ-R88 the Stradlin

Daiko Premier PMRS-88ML                                    Daiko Premier PMRS-88ML


Zenith re-birth RBS-86ML                                      Zenith re-birth RBS-86ML

Zenith zone pe shooting ZPS-86ML                      Zenith zone pe shooting ZPS-86ML

Graphiteleader Argento GOAS 962ML                  Graphiteleader Argento GOAS-962ML

Graphiteleader Finezza trenta GOFTS 792L - T       Graphiteleader Finezza trenta GOFTS 792L-T


Prox Wangan Walker SC  WWS9ML                       Prox Wangan Walker SC  WWS9ML

Prox Wangan Basser SR  WBS9ML                       Prox Wangan Basser SR  WBS9ML

Palms surfloud SLGS 86ML                                    Palms surfloud SLGS 86ML

Palms sidestroke SDGS 96ML                                Palms sidestroke SDGS 96ML


Fishing Lines

sunline super pe 10lb, 150M white                       sunline super pe 10lb, 150M white

sunline super pe 15lb, 150M white                      sunline super pe 15lb, 150M white

sunline super pe 10lb, 150M green                      sunline super pe 10lb, 150M green

sunline super pe 15lb, 150M green                      sunline super pe 15lb, 150M green

sunline castaway 10lb 150m                              sunline castaway 10lb 150m

sunline castaway 12lb 150m                             sunline castaway 12lb 150m

sunline castaway 16lb 150m                             sunline castaway 16lb 150m


Fishing Lures

 Megabass X120sw PM MOON HEAD                       Megabass X120sw PM MOON HEAD


Megabass DOG X SW PM RED HEAD                     Megabass DOG X SW PM RED HEAD

 Megabass DOG X JR SK                                            Megabass DOG X JR SK

  Megabass DOG X JR RISING SUN II                       Megabass DOG X JR RISING SUN II

 Tackle House NODE 130F 2                                   Tackle House NODE 130F 2

Duo Tide minnow 125 SLD - F S100                      Duo Tide minnow 125 SLD - F S100

Duo Bay RUF MANIC 95 C200                                 Duo Bay RUF MANIC 95 C200

Ecogear MW70S 362                                              Ecogear MW70S 362

Ecogear MW90S 320                                              Ecogear MW90S 320

Megabass Zonk 120 gataride PM HOT SHAD         Megabass Zonk 120 gataride PM HOT SHAD

Ecogear Grass Minnow S- Midnight Glow              Ecogear Grass Minnow S- Midnight Glow

Ecogear Grass Minnow M - OKIAMI                        Ecogear Grass Minnow M - OKIAMI

Ecogear para max 3' - ISADA Pink Glow                 Ecogear para max 3' - ISADA Pink Glow

SMITH HALUCA 125f  10 Chartreuse Back Pearl     SMITH HALUCA 125f  10 Chartreuse Back Pearl

SMITH HALUCA 125f  18                                            SMITH HALUCA 125f  18

SMITH CHINUPEN color 05                                          SMITH CHINUPEN color 05


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