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Clean your fishing reel

one of the most imporatant things your can do in order to keep your fishing gear in good shape for along time is taking care of the fishing gear and wash him with fresh water after every time you use it, even if yout are fishing in fresh water alot of dirt will enter your reel , the water is not clean water , in saltwater fishing you HAVE to wash your gear , fishing rod , fishing lures , your fishing reel and your line with fresh water , you have to know thah salt eats every thing if you give him enough time

 beside washing your fishing gear we also recommand you will use oil and greese once in a while in order to keep your reels in good shape , important place are the line ordring BB and the main  Axis, use oil (special oil ) on them , greese is for the gears , if you do not know how to disassemble your fishing reel m, dont do it. after you cleaned all your gear you can use silicon spray on the rod guides and the on your fishing reel in order to keep themagainst water , you can also use baby oil on your rod blank - its very good the carbon 


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